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With extensive experience and a long history in the field of Maintenance Engineering, SEMAPI seeks to establish a lasting partnership with the Customer in the implementation of technologies focused on perfecting the Maintenance Engineering Management Plan of your company.

Vibration Analysis

Detection of defects in rotating machine components.

Electrical problems, breakage of rotor bars, bad coils fixing
Wear (increase in gap) in gears and bearings


View the temperature distribution in electrical and mechanical installations.

Bad contact in barring and connections

Thermal insulation and damaged components

Subdimensioned circuits


Monitoring of machine wear through the analysis of lubricants samples

Design, assembly or operation errors

Material drag


Oxidation (rust)

Battery Review

Check malfunctions that affect the operation of batteries.

Measurements of:

Ohmic resistances of the interconnecting elements between the elements of the bank

Conductance of battery bank elements 

Electrolyte density 

Operating temperatures

Electrical Motors Testing

Static and Dynamic Analyzes of Electric AC Motors. Diagnosis of the 6 possible fault zones:

Rotor, Stator, Airgap, Power System, Power Circuit and Insulation

Analysis of current, time domain, frequency, time of voltage, measurement of voltages and their balancing

Measurement of impedances and their balancing, polarization index. Analysis and “start up” curves of engines

Acoustic Emission

Diagnostics of transient waves, captured by sensors. 


Structural faults in mechanical components
Incipient faults in pressure vessels (cracking start)
Applicable in pressure vessels, pipes, boilers, shafts, pins etc.


Uses the measurement of vibrations transmitted through materials or air.

Mechanical inspection (leak detection in pressure and vacuum lines, leak detection in valves, heat exchangers, boilers, leak testing)

Electrical (Corona effect, electric arc and short circuit, transmission lines, insulation failure)

Diagnosis of control valves

Valve monitoring with sensors to identify faults.

Industrial Lubrification

Lubrication management and execution

Lubrication Engineering, proposing technological innovations aiming at continuous improvement in the provision of equipment lubrication services.

Complete management of lubrication services for industrial plants Treatment of oils for maintenance and recovery, filtration, centrifugation and flushing

Management and execution of the oil tribology program of the industrial unit

Inspection in fire-fighting systems


Execution of verification procedures on pumps and fire-fighting systems to meet the National Fire Protection Association’s safety standards.

Alignment of laser axes

Applicable between driven axles and actuators, pulleys and cardan shafts.

Excessive vibration

Premature wear of components

Temperature rise

Rotors Balancing

Applicable on fans, electric motors and rotors in general.

Excessive vibration


Wear of components

Gas detection

GF320 Portable Thermographic Camera for detection of fugitive emissions of methane, hydrocarbons and VOCs.


Execution of training aimed at the area of predictive maintenance.


Basic Vibration Analysis

Advanced Vibration Analysis

Mantec System Operation

Collector operation DSP and SW DSP Data Management

Maintenance Consulting

Focus on Asset Maintenance Management


Implantation of asset management systems
Maintenance Planning
Machine commissioning
Maintenance Consulting
Reorganization of MRO stock systems

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