The benefits of Industry 4.0 in your maintenance and supply management

What is Maintenance 4.0?

Through sensors and systems integrated to the entire manufacturing process and the data obtained from predictive techniques, we indicate, in real time, the status of each critical point of your equipment.

After detecting the need for repairs, your maintenance team is warned, as well as those responsible for the execution of the services, whether collaborators or third parties, as well as checking your stock of spare parts and, if necessary, automatically opening an order to registered suppliers.

With Semapi solutions for MAINTENANCE 4.0, your industrial unit becomes autonomous, intelligent and much more productive.


Execution of predictive techniques for any type of industry

Field collection hardware and online monitoring systems

Complete maintenance management system with exclusive predictive module

Integrates your company to thousands of suppliers, optimizing and reducing costs


Semapi solutions are designed to turn your maintenance and supply areas into strategic areas

Increase and guarantee the availability of equipment

Reduce maintenance, manufacturing and spare parts costs

Increase productivity in the manufacturing process


Meet some companies that entrust their maintenance and supplies to Semapi

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